About KeySquare

We’re a team of deeply experienced technologists taking on some of the most difficult problems surrounding the age of mobile device connectivity and industrial IoT.

Through customized application of proprietary technologies, as well as continual research and development on the frontiers of digital and financial protections, we serve commercial and consumer clients with trusted, cutting-edge solutions. Our work addresses fundamental communications challenges across a wide array of applications; from industrial accidents to law enforcement incident response, we enable secure coordination and communication when it’s most critical.

How We Think

In chess, a key square, or critical square, can create a gain or advantage in the future with a move now, irrespective of an opponent’s move.

At KeySquare Labs, we develop advanced mobile and other technologies to create and define those opportunities, and position commercial customers and their users onto that key square.

Who We Are


I care about creating the software that should be—leveraging technical knowledge to address very human problems. My work has helped protect the Super Bowl, educate undergrads, and provide a platform for a community of millions.

Paarth Chadha

Software Engineer

Research & Development offer me a creative outlet to take everything the opportunities in my life have taught me and attempt to answer the questions ‘What can make this better?’, ‘What can be done to make the world a better place?’, and ‘What’s next?'

Dan Slowinski

Software Engineer

Trey Reed is a Marine Corps Veteran with over twenty-two years in the IT field. The majority of his career has been involved in the designing, engineering and integrating end-to-end secure communication solutions. More recently he has been involved with the development and implementation of custom mobile device firmware.

Trey Reed

Systems Engineer

Air Force veteran, entrepreneur, and innovative electrical engineer with desire to create products which have a real impact on people's lives.

Aaron Sikorski

Software Engineer


KeySquare’s holistic approach to projects ensures our partners align with, then drive cutting-edge technology solutions to a wide variety of challenges. More than simply developing apps, we help our partners create the required infrastructure, processes, and help with platform choice and device rollout. Digital privacy and security are key goals in any of our projects, so our team includes experts in cybersecurity methods, architectures, and implementation.

Android applications, media layer, and device drivers

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Banking and finance systems including cryptocurrency

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Embedded systems and IoT

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Join Us

Cultural fit and technical aptitude are what we solve for. Self-directed intuition is expected, and dissent in the interest of improvement is encouraged. Every team member brings something unique.
  • KeySquare Labs offers competitive salaries with medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Dollar-for-dollar 6% match of 401k contributions from day one.